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Most think tanks are funded by interest groups with strong financial muscles. Some are funded by governments or by grants from foundations. Skaperkraft has so far mostly been funded by individual sponsors. It may be a slow growth, but it is a sustainable one. Most individual sponsors partner with us with 10-20 Euros per month. Would you like to become a Skaperkraft partner?

Skaperkraft partners are invited to exclusive events, receive our books and other publications and partake in the joy of seeing fruitful projects launched. Get in touch with us by e-mailling for questions, or sign up as a Skaperkraft partner below. Partners are free to choose the amount of their monthly contributions themselves.

Skaperkraft partner
Skaperkraft partner
Think tank Skaperkraft funded currently by contributions from founders and partners. Simple Partners contribute a minimum of € 10, - per month (students € 5, - per month) and contribute in this way to realizing think tank purposes. By partnering automatically receive Skaperkraft's monthly newsletter, receive invitations to open events as well as their own events for partners.
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