Skaperkraft School of Entrepreneurial Leadership 2021-22

The School of Entrepreneurial Leadership aims to build authenticity and character and stir the entrepreneurial imagination and ability of emerging leaders across the spectrum of society, anchored in the vision of the common good. The program is seeking applicants, ages 21-26, to participate in its second year as a Europe wide program.

Over the past 13 years, the Oslo-based think tank, Skaperkraft, has offered its leadership program to Norway’s emerging leaders. Now, for the second year, this program is being made available to young adults across the continent. The region is facing unprecedented challenges and change. Europe is desperate for authentic and innovative leaders, ready to serve.

"Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others." -Jesus of Nazareth

A central focus of the program is learning from current and historical leaders such as Hans Nielsen Hauge, William Wilberforce, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Theresa. One would be hard pressed to find a leader who made a more lasting global impact than Jesus of Nazareth. The life and teachings of Jesus continue to impact our world in positive and powerful ways and his model of servant leadership is just as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

In regard to Jesus’ impact as a leader, consider the following:

  • 2000 years after he walked the dusty roads of Galilee, several billion people can recite major portions of his principle speech, the “Sermon on the Mount.”

  • Billions of people on all continents continue to study his words and seek to follow him.

  • Our calendar is dated from his birth, and major worldwide holidays like Christmas and Easter center on events in his life.

  • Jesus achieved tremendous global influence in only three years of public life.

  • His influence was accomplished without money or mass media, without writing any books, without holding an elected office, and without commanding an army. Yet, his teachings transformed the world.

Today, Jesus is regarded by many as a great prophet, a healer, a teacher, an avatar, and/or the savior.  Despite what one believes about Jesus, his example of innovative leadership is unique and universal. We will study key principles of Jesus’ teachings including: reconciliation, servant leadership, integrity, purpose, love, clarity, and freedom.

“The best part of the course is the good teaching, the focus on character building and not least the network of socially engaged people that you get to know.”  -Former participant 


We are looking for participants who:


  • Are between 21 and 26 years of age (can turn 21 during the program year)

  • Have shown leadership initiative (during studies, in organizations, politics, business, communities of faith, etc.)

  • Want to practice servant leadership in life

  • Have a high degree of motivation

  • Will commit to fully participating in the program, including three virtual weekends, one in person weekend (if COVID-19 allows) and completing one special projects (approx 1-2 hours of time per week) to be presented and/or published at the end of the program.


What is Entrepreneurial Leadership?


Entrepreneurship is usually defined as the creation of new products or services and as such is limited to the field of business. Over the past decades, the notion of social entrepreneurship has developed, which broadens the scope to creating goods and services to solve social, cultural or environmental issues, either for-profit or as NGOs. In our course, we aim to empower young leaders aiming for careers in all sectors to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset.


Examples of this use of entrepreneurial leadership:


  • In the city of Turku, Finland, one of the universities training nurses includes a mandatory course in business start-ups, including starting a student business. The reason: The expected percentage of old people in most European societies will grow in the next decade, requiring nurses to have a more innovative way of approaching their jobs in order to serve the growing number of older patients.

  • Among the most important minds behind the establishing of the European Coal and Steel Union in 1952 (what became the European Union), the frenchman Jean Monnet used his entrepreneurial skills in shaping the solution and connecting government leaders in order to see the solution to the centuries-long feuds between Germany and France settled for good. Being from the french cognac producing family Monnet, where he in early age worked to increase the firm's global exports, he utilized his entrepreneurial skills in the field of politics.

  • Drawing from our Norwegian heritage, the case-study of Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824) and the first nation-wide grassroots movement he initiatied between 1796 and 1804 is especially inspiring. Seeing a population subdued by the king and around him a small elite, Hauge stirred the population to a new level of faith both in God and in their ability to create. He personally helped initiated more than 50 businesess and the friends around him and in the decades to follow would start many more, in addition to schools, civil organizations, hospitals and social work, and helped bring about democracy through the 19th century. Historians acclaim Hauge to be one of two pivotal figures in bringing Norway into modernity.  


As the world is facing unprecedented challenges such as the weakening of democratic institutions, migration, climate change, decreasing resources such as water and species of the world`s insects and animals, we believe the ability to enhance one´s entrepreneurial thinking is pivotal. The course aims to do just that. 


Through the leadership development program you will:


  • Get to know yourself better; learning who you are as a person and leader, and become aware of how you invest your time and your energy

  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, being equipped with leadership skills to follow the principles of Jesus, integrating them with their career and work

  • Learn how you can follow Jesus' principles of leadership, integrating them into life and supporting your vision for addressing societal challenges

  • Learn to tackle various aspects of leading yourself, others, and society. We will look at: vision, strategy and planning, problem solving, communication, conflict management and change management.

  • Complete one special project to be presented or published at the end of the year. (Time commitment 1-3 hours per week) 

  • Gain insight into community management; solve specific societal needs, by means of innovation.

  • Connect in small group settings and with mentors

  • Build character, be challenged and equipped to create entrepreneurial solutions for the common good, across all spheres of society.


“In addition to the knowledge I gained through teaching, team building challenges and collaboration in the note group (and conversations about this with mentors) have been particularly helpful. This will definitely come in handy later!”    -Former participant



In addition to the program managers, you will meet leaders in business, politics, media and other social sectors during the leadership development program. They will equip you with good, inspirational and steady teaching on leadership, and will share their life experience in following Jesus in an integrated way. 


Practical information:


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program gatherings will take place virtually via ZOOM. We will virtually meet over three weekends (Friday evening to Saturday afternoon) and, if health safety allows, meet face to face over one long weekend in April 2022.  



The program cost is €220. This covers administrative costs as well as accommodation and food during the face to face weekend in April 2022. Due to the uncertainties of the pandemic, you will pay €120 upon accepting your place in the program, and the remaining €100 if we indeed are able to meet physically. Travel expenses are covered by yourself.  Let us know if the financial aspect is a challenge for you, and we will work with you to look at solutions. The course is conducted with a high degree of sponsorship and has an estimated value of at least €3000 per person, per year. Skaperkraft is investing in you!



Four weekends beginning September 2021, Ending April 2022.



Virtual Weekends Begin Friday Evening, End Saturday Afternoon.


  • Virtual Weekend #1: September 17-18, 2021

  • Virtual Weekend #2: November 5-6, 2021

  • Virtual Weekend #3: January 14-15, 2022

  • In Person Weekend: April 1-3 (Friday-Sunday) - Location TBD



Application deadline: 

Application deadline is Sunday, August 22, 2021. 


Number of Participants: 

We only have 15 spots, and we encourage both women and men to apply. The number of applicants has been high in recent years, so we recommend that you spend time writing a complete application.


Application should include: 

Motivation for participation in the program, shed light on previous leadership experience from study organizations, society, or business, what you as a leader have delivered and achieved and your aspirations for the future. Please also include CV and photo, and provide at least two references.


Please send application and/or questions to:

Are you interested in the concept, but this year it´s not going to be possible for you? Please send us a line to for us to keep in touch in regards to later programs!

“It is valuable to have so many talented people who really invest in me and my life.” -Former participant


Program Administrators and Resource Team:


Hermund Haaland (NO)  - Co-Founder/Program Leader

Hermund Haaland is a serial-entrepreneur, passionate about seeing the world and our societies moving in the best possible direction. With a broad experience from politics, business start-ups and church work, he co-founded the Oslo-based think tank Skaperkraft, where he functions as it’s International Director. He is the author of several books and an inspiring speaker who loves to empower young leaders. When he needs to feed his introverted side, nothing is like a few hours of cross-country skiing or hiding away with a good Hemingway-book by himself. Based in Tønsberg, Norway and married to Linn, they have the kids Ingrid Hermine, Jakob August and Caspian.

Linn Tjernsbekk Haaland (NO) - Co-Founder/Program Leader

Linn is passionate about coaching, mentoring and empowering people to find their motivation, skills and vocation in life. She holds a Bachelor in entrepreneurial studies at the Norwegian Business School and  has a dream of running a small beautiful hotel some day. Working both with young students and the Norwegian edition of our leadership program lead her to co-found the European edition. She loves hosting partys and being a mum for three beautiful kids and values aiming at a healty and balanced life facing the many roles and duties she must manage.

Amanda Moore (US/IT/FR) - Program Leader

Throughout her career, Amanda has had the privilege of working on initiatives of peace, mentoring, and leadership development, both globally and in the United States capitol, Washington DC. A self-proclaimed relationship broker, Amanda is passionate about making human connections for good. After a decade in Washington DC, Amanda now resides in Rome, Italy where her French husband works on issues surrounding global food insecurity. Amanda has two young children, loves studying culture and art, the outdoors, cooking, and comedy.

Arttu Makipaa (FI/BE)

Arttu Makipaa is a senior policy officer at the European Commission in Brussels. He has just returned from a longer assignment in Cyprus, where he was involved in technical assistance and reconciliation work for the reunification of the island. Trained as economist and theologian, Arttu is close to completing his PhD thesis in theological anthropology and social ethics. He is passionate about topics that help to understand our contemporary cultures through the eyes of faith, and to help followers of Jesus be salt and light in the world. Arttu is married to Sara, a Dutch jazz singer-songwriter, and they have three children.

Camilla Nelson (NO)

Camilla Nelson works as a high-school teacher in the city of Drammen, Norway. She also leads the work of Initiatives of Change from its base in Oslo, and have sat on the International Board of IofC, overseeing work around the world. IofCs vision is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.  Camilla`s passion is bridging the gap between differences of faith, culture and politics. She is married to Axel and has raised three kids, now entering adulthood.

Christel Ngnambi (BE)

Christel Lamère Ngnambi is an author, lecturer and teacher based in Brussels (Belgium). Trained as a political scientist, he worked for 12 years as an analyst and then as a representative to the European Union for an international Protestant association in the fields of human rights, poverty, migration and the environment. A diversity of fields which led him to intersect the themes of ideas and convictions, social issues, political issues and existential questions. Today, Christel offers his services as a consultant in strategic and political communication

Gboyega Olusoga (UK/NIG)

Markus Österland (FI)

Susan Kerr (UK/BE/LU)

Susan Kerr has over fifteen years of European public affairs experience acquired both within the European Parliament and the non-profit sector. After completing a PhD on oil multinationals’ CSR in Latin America, Susan also studied an MBA to better hone change leadership skills. Passionate about ethical leadership, peace-building, human rights and democracy, Susan enjoys engaging in initiatives that empower (aspiring) change agents. She recently edited the Skaperkraft publication Is God a populist?, which critically discusses anti-democratic populist claims to represent Christian values in Europe.


Initiatives of Change Norway ( is partnering with us in running this program.

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