The Gospel according to Europe`s national populists

As the coronavirus pandemic dominates European headlines, politics continue. With governments introducing states of emergency, closing borders, curbing civil liberties and ramping up surveillance, the ground appears fertile for national populism.
Posted on 2020-04-09


Why anti-fake news laws will do more harm than good

What if the fight against fake news was actually killing pluralism and nurturing anti-establishment sentiments?
Posted on 2018-03-21

Startup Israel - best practice from a global innovation powerhouse

Startup Israel – Argument breeds innovation. We are proud to introduce this second book in English as Skaperkraft continues to extend its passion for positive societal contributions and its reach across Europe.
Posted on 2017-10-17

New book from Skaperkraft

Populist movements are changing the face of European politics. «Is God a populist?» looks at their strategies to attract voters by claiming to defend Europe’s Christian heritage.
Posted on 2020-04-09
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